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OSI’s guide to Crew Leadership was developed for any volunteer organization or land management agency interested in Crew Leadership training, and includes technical modules for trails or ecological restoration.

This online course covers basic safety, tool use and crew leadership principles, and is intended to be paired with further field based training in either trails or ecological restoration, where trainees will learn about basic technical skills for trail or restoration projects and practice these skills combined with what they learn online.

Course Objectives

By the time the course concludes, Crew Leader Trainees will:

  • Know how to work with individuals and their team to produce the desired project result in a safe manner.
  • Understand practical trail construction and maintenance techniques.
  • Know about tools and tool safety – including tool identification, carrying, use and storage.
  • Know how to assess risks to avoid injury.
  • Understand individual learning styles and the importance of listening and conflict management skills.
  • Experience a mix of discussions, activities and field experience that facilitate learning.
  • Learn effective teaching and leadership techniques.

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Course Content

Module 1 | Getting Started with Your Crew
Module 2 | Teaching to Different Learning Styles
Module 3 | Assessing Your Crew
Module 4 | Keys to Effective Listening
Module 5 | Conflict and Dispute Management
Module 6 | Praise, Recognition & Feedback
Module 7 | Tools
Module 8 | Safety Talk
Module 9 | Basic Risk Assessment
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